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The bikes

I tend to fall in love with every bike I share memories with, they are all special to me. 

Every bike has it's own soul, and to give the bike I'm riding a name has become

a natural routine.

Here it is, my lovely little gallery of some of the bikes I've ridden and loved!

Bonnie 2.0! 🙌🏼✨ So this is the final r

Triumph Bonneville 2009


My first own bike and big real love! I bought her second hand in the original SE look and only four weeks later we started our first big trip together through Eastern Europe. After more than 10.000 km together that year I redid almost the whole bike as a winter project with parts from TEC Bikeparts and XLmoto. I wanted her to look like what she is – a tough girl in a luxury outfit. 


Triumph Street Scrambler 2018


The best bike I've ever ridden! It's fun, reliable and gorgeous. This bike took me all the way to North Cape and through Norway. It saved my butt with it's ABS when I almost crashed into a bunch of reindeers. I get a lot of questions about the location of the exhaust system. It never bothered me. There’s a heat shield over the pipes, so while I could feel warmth from it, it’s never hot. Amazing bike, and with optional FOX suspension even greater. Wish I had kept it!


Triumph Street Scrambler 2019


Fantastic motorcycle with all the extra you want and need. I took this beauty up to Vilhelmina during cold winter and went ice racing with her. Studded tyres for the road during the trip and then ice spikes for the ice. I've said it before and I'm saying it again – Triumph Street Scrambler is the perfect bike for someone who cares as much about prestanda as style. I love this bike!


Triumph Bobber 2018

"Steve Oliver McQueen"

A comfortable bike thanks to a great adjustable single seat with a height of only 69 cm, I could reach the ground with both of my feet easily. I appreciated the 1200 Bonneville engine and the extra 6th gear a lot! And the cruise control. The only thing I was cursing about was the suspension, but I asked the dealer about this and they said that this is something they can customize for you if you want. Cool bike that does well on a trip, but best where it belongs – as a cruiser in the city.


"Speedy Gonzales"

Triumph Speedmaster 2008

Speedy! My mom's boyfriend's old bike that I borrowed during my first season with a motorcycle license in my wallet. We rode around 5000 km together, and we had a lot of fun even though I don't really like that sitting position on a bike. My pillion friends loved it as well, even though some of them were a little bit uncomfortable when people stared at us at gas stations and cafés, haha!



Triumph Bonneville Speedmaster 2018

"Now Mommy's home!" was my mom's first reaction when test sitting her Bonneville Speedmaster that she got to lend from Triumph South Africa. She had this bike for 11 days and loved it. The modernities and new features compared to her old Triumph America, like cruise control and different ride modes, made her really happy. A very comfy and nice bike. I'd change the handlebars though.



Triumph Bonneville SE

The beginning of everything. The first bike I rented and traveled with. I chose Bonneville because I felt comfortable on it and could touch the ground without struggle, and fell in love during the days on Highway 1 in California. We became one. When I rode it over The Golden Gate Bridge I stood up and shouted of joy in my helmet. After that experience I was hooked. Hooked on Triumph and hooked on traveling.


Kawasaki KLR 650


A motorcycle rental in Nairobi provided us with these bikes during our trip with the Swedish organisation Eezer. Our mission was to visit the clinics that use their ambulances and clinics who are in need of new ones. In the countryside of Kenya and Tanzania you need something that can handle the rough, and Kawasaki KLR did it perfectly. Not a bike that gives me goosebumps visually, but I felt safe on it. After they lowered it for me, of course. I'm 166 cm tall.


Royal Enfield Classic 500


I had always dreamt of trying a Royal Enfield, so when my friend Sabrina asked me to come to her rental shop in Cape Town, South Africa (RETZA Motorcycle Tours) I just couldn’t resist. It was fun to ride and it went fast to get used to it, but I was a bit annoyed by the vibrations when I was riding over 90 km/h. Amazing to explore Cape Town with on a 1 day tour!


Stallions CT450


A local Thai brand named Stallions. I had never heard of them before I saw a bike standing outside of a scooter rental in Koh Chang, Thailand. It's classic look reminded me so much of a Bonneville that I had to take it around the island for a day. The owner was complaining about the quality and rust, but the riding was fun! Cool for a day, and especially around an island where you don't go very fast anyhow. Glad to have tried!

My own ride

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My first love

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