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"It's just so hard to quit something when you've found what you were born to do. I was put on this earth to explore it and to share it with whoever who wants to tag along"

My mother is the one who got me into this from the beginning. She started riding in her 20's and took the whole family backpacking when I was 14 and my brother 12. I guess I have it in my blood...


Born year 1990 in a little town called Mora in Sweden. Grew up with road trips to my parent's home town Göteborg. Played a popular Swedish sport called floorball and studied media & photography. Moved to Stockholm two days after I graduated in 2008.


Freelancing as a travel journalist while I'm on the road. My main job is as Content Creator for the online store XLmoto. I quit my former job as a full time marketer to work online to be able to travel and work at the same time.

I don't earn as much,

but I live more. Just became the only brand ambassador for Triumph Motorcycles in Scandinavia. 


My big passion started when my mother taught me how to ride as a 17-year old. I took my license at 25 and bought my own bike at 27 – a Triumph Bonneville from 2009 named "Bonnie". Four weeks later I started my trip through Eastern Europe.


Started traveling very early thanks to my parents. My first solo trip was actually by mistake though. Me and my best friend Emma booked a flight to Istanbul, but choose the wrong dates. I went on my own

and experienced a whole new way of exploring! Now I've traveled to over 60 countries and 50% of them have been solo.

My first "real" motorcycle trip went through Eastern Europe in 2017 where I rode 9400 km during 2,5 months through 20 countries – completely solo.

I was told it was a stupid idea, so I just had to do it. People are so scared of the unknown nowadays.


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